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ben scratching on the door

Time for a rest
Time for a rest

ben has a nice shed witch is nice and warm but its not enough. He wants to get inside and scratches on the sliding door it wakes us up every morning. so my dad put some old lounges in front of the door and now he sits on top of the lounge looking at us form outside. Does anyone know how to stop dogs scratching on the door?


who let the dog out

The weir
The weir

Today Michelle went to work and dad was working in the shed. I think dad got called into the phone and when we got back outside again the dog was gone. He did not realize that he left the door opened . Panic stations as we jumped in the car and drove around the neighbor hood with our window down and head out the window asking anyone and everyone if they had seen a brown and white cavalier roaming wild.

A lady not far from us had picked him up and put him in her shed. She was interested in keeping him but I said Michelle would kill me if I sold her dog. Dad will need to be more careful in the future.

Why blogging with your daughter is Great

From my point of view as Susannah's dad it gets her off all that social media like face book and makes her focus on writing and reading other blogs. It takes a lot more effort to learn blogging than to click around on Facebook.

From my point of view as Susannah, my dad and I get to do this together. I am learning new things. I just learnt how to change background colors. I have seen many great blogs already. Dad and I have taken many pictures of the birds and Ben the dog together.I am teaching dad a bit about Facebook. I am feeling down sometimes and take it out on dad but I don't mean to and have trouble controlling it.

We have also included Michelle, my sister, in this blog but we are having trouble getting her to write a post. she is happy to pose for pictures with her Benny.

AMAZING SECRETS ofa bird whisperer

Suzy one of our bird whisperers has amazing insider secrets to taming birds to sit on your finger and not bite.
1. Be patient and spend lots of time with the bird
2. Feed it its favorite food. for lorikeets it is apple
3. when it goes for your finger do not pull back it will sense your fear.
4.start them young. babies just out of the breeding box are great.
5.They will be wild at first -don’t be discouraged by this.
6.get a net. You may need it to retrieve it when it gets up on the curtain rails.
7. Be mindful of open doors and windows .they like to fly away.
8. Get a friendly bird whisperer from your neighbor hood to baby sit when you are away
Well that’s all for now folks. I will be happy to receive your kind comments.

How I got my kids off facebook and onto something more worthwhile

It is frustrating to see kids get wrapped up in technology. I have come up with some strategies that are helping me to relate better with my kids and make them more productive at the same time.
1.I got my two girls -the bird whisperers to start a business -of hand taming birds for people who want a friendly hand tame bird for their young child or grandmother.
2. I started a blog with them called hand friendly birds.
3. In the process I found out what accounts they were logged IMG_0419 into and what they were doing on line and went for walks down by the river with them taking photos of Ben and the birds. I have found them very excited about the likes and comments they have been getting and there have been many opportunities in the reading and writing of posts and comments to discuss spelling and grammar.
4. this blog is doing way better than my own clarinet passion blog. It goes to show that you can get a better result helping someone else than you do for yourself.
I hope you like this blog and have nice things to say.

10 steps to writing a great blog post


smile for the camera benny
smile for the camera benny

Getting more likes and follows seems to be the objective of blogging. I opened this blog account(hand friendly birds) with my daughter about a week ago to keep her away from Facebook and to teach her some new skills and I am surprised at how much more successful this blog is than my own blog. The following list sums up the reasons I think this blog is going so well.

  1. More use of pictures and less use of text. Most of the posts contain pictures.

2. Because I am writing the blog for someone else I am doing a better job of it. Think about doing a job for someone else. For example painting a wall. Would you take more care?

  1. This blog has lots of pictures of nature, animals and people that convey emotions.
  2. The blog has a focus. It is all about taming hand friendly birds and the animals that the children keep. It is also about blogging with my kids. That is a fairly narrow focus and crosses a lot of blog categories at the same time.

5.  Write a blog post a day. I have been posting a minimum of once per day. So stay in touch with your blog. Don’t let it go stale.

6. Comment on other people’s blogs and write nice things about the blogs you like.

  1. Write catchy headlines. The above headline is an experiment in writing headlines. Some marketing material I read mentions the use of certain words that generate more interest in headlines, for example, 10 steps, how to, insider secrets and so on. So I am giving this a go with my ten steps headline. It is all just a try on.

8. Don’t over think it. Just get in there write it, post it and get out of the way. It doesn’t have to be perfect. With this blog I have been using the family camera around the birds and the family dog and just write about the first thing that comes to mind.

Well that’s about all for now.  I will come up with number nine and ten another day. Let us know what you think with your nice comments and enjoy the blogosphere today.



blue budgie hides in bookcase

Birds get into all kinds of places to escape being trained by our two expert bird whisperers. We had to pull a whole bunch of books out of the bookcase to find this little escapee. Before long he will be sitting tamely on the ends of the girl’s fingers as natural as if it is a branch in an idyllic woodland.