buddy is our hand friendly snow white cockatiel. He is snow white . There is no other colour on him.He has been with us for six years and loves hanging out on the end of people’s fingers.




Ben is the family dog. He really belongs to Michelle but I don’t think Ben knows that. Ben likes walks down by the river, food and lots of attention. He is a cavalier King Charles spaniel and is treated like royalty around here . In these shots Ben is sitting at the front of the town house guarding the front door.

blogging with my children

Suzy, Michelle and I started this blog because we wanted to do something together as a family. I had been tutoring other people’s children for a while and had wondered how blogging with my children would go. I guess blogging with your children is a bit like reading with your children except there is a lot of writing and other stuff involved as well. There are many opportunities to check spelling and punctuation and it is fun and engaging for them. They love their birds and I suppose the hand friendly and hand tamed bird thing gives the blog a bit of focus. We are still working on themes and appearance but that will come as we go along.