4 chickens a bird and a dog

The dog chases the chickens around the yard while the bird(a white cockatiel) says ‘watcha doing’ and ‘pretty girl.’

We only live in a small townhouse so we are doing pretty well to have so many animals around us.





ben scratching on the door

Time for a rest
Time for a rest

ben has a nice shed witch is nice and warm but its not enough. He wants to get inside and scratches on the sliding door it wakes us up every morning. so my dad put some old lounges in front of the door and now he sits on top of the lounge looking at us form outside. Does anyone know how to stop dogs scratching on the door?

my dad is teaching me how to play a guitar

images8H7OGH8Rmy dad is teaching me how to play the guitar so I can become a superstar its good to do other stuff than be on Facebook all the time and my dad got me into this so I can become a good speller and to write comments
and I love doing this blog its great for me to learn and get to know people and its good that we live in Melbourne. and I love it up here and I am thinking to do childcare for a part time job.
me and my dad love taking picture’s of us and he is the best dad ever that I could ever have .untitled

getting ready to go to vinnes


hey I am a volunteer at vinnes

vinnies is a charity shop.

their profits go to home less people.

I do hang up clothes and cleaning

takeing the bins out to the rubbish.

work at the front sometimes when they need help we have a bell at the front counter so we know that they need help with something.